An alternative, sustainable and affordable choice for household furniture

The CRNS Reuse Consortium offers local authorities and their clients an alternative, sustainable and affordable reuse choice via the Scotland Excel Domestic Furniture and Furnishings Framework.

The consortium is made up of several of our furniture reuse members who hold market leading quality standards (Revolve or equivalent).

Furniture showroom

Helping Local Authorities

By purchasing reuse furniture and white goods items from the Consortium, local authorities are able to:

  • significantly increase the amount they divert from landfill
  • reduce CO2 emissions
  • provide support to more people in need
  • contribute to the sustainability of local third sector organisations
  • develop a more circular local economy
  • stretch their budgets further

“Second hand doesn’t mean poor quality. These items are built to last and often you wouldn’t even know they were second hand”

Heather Buchan, Team Leader, Aberdeenshire Council

Benefitting People in need

  • Purchasing quality reuse furniture from the Consortium benefits people in local communities
  • More households are supported with quality, low cost furniture
  • Local social enterprises provide opportunities for training and jobs
  • More people are helped out of poverty

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“When the CRNS project started I was involved with the delivery of furniture and white goods. Volunteering gave me motivation and a little self-worth. A paid position became available cleaning and refurbishing white goods and I was offered the job. It was a great opportunity not having worked for a long time, it gave me a boost to my self-confidence and allowed me to feel worthwhile….” 

Staff, Castle Furniture

Our achievements so far!

We are proud to have been recognised with prestigious awards from:

Feb 2020 – Scotland Excel
Winner – Supplier Excellence Third Sector & Small Business Category

Feb 2018 – Scotland Excel
Winner – Supplier Excellence

Nov 2017 – CIWM
Winner- Demonstrating Project Innovation

Nov 2017 – Social Enterprise Scotland
Winner – “Buy Social” Market builder

June 2017 – SCVO
Scottish Charity Awards finalist – Pioneering Project

In October 2019, we reached the £1 million milestone!

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