11th January 2011

The perfect 50-year old wedding dress

Picture from the Evening Times

In 1962, Jan Carlye, from Glasgow’s West End, bought a brocade, long-sleeved wedding dress with a pill box hat in Watt Brothers for 15 guineas – half her monthly wage at the time. In 2011, Deoborah Gordon bought the same dress for £15 from Magpie's Nest, the fun and funky thrift store run by Starter Packs Glasgow, and got married in it last week.

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"The dress was never intended for sale," says Sarah Findlay, manager, Starter Packs Glasgow. "It was a lovely 1950s vintage dress donated to our workshop so that we could use the pattern and material in our sewing classes. But when Deborah came in and described her dream dress, I pulled it out and she fell in love with it."

The story has sparked interest across newspapers and magazines and Sarah is expecting visits from two women's weeklies, as well as a couple of national newspapers. It's helped that Deborah's wedding was as much a celebration of reuse and vintage as it was a coming together of two souls.

"Their wedding was full of stuff they got from Magpie's Nest, including vintage china, candelabras, vases and all the favours" says Sarah. "The PR it's all generating is great for the beginning of the year. It's great for us and it's great in terms of promoting the sector."

Starter Packs Glasgow also featured in the Secret Millionaire in November last year in an episode that was repeated last week. Although not available now on catch-up, you can view a clip of it here.



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